Brake Pads Sand Blasting Machine

Brake Pads Sand Blasting Machine is used for cleaning the out surface of a finished brake pad by silicon sands to present a clean and smooth appearance before powder coating, which is equipped with an Air Compressor to blow out silicon sands.

Technical Parameters:

  • – Working Room Size: Width ≤500mm
  • – Application Range: Metal or Nonmetal Surface Cleaning (Special for Flat Parts)
  • – Sand Blasting Cabin Size: L x W x H = 1000 x 1000 x 1960 mm
  • – Air Source Pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa
  • – Gas Consumption: 1m³/min/each spray gun (as pressure is 0.6Mpa)
  • – Power: 220V/60HZ, Three-phase five little system
  • – Carry Speed: 0.5-3meters/min is adjustable (standard)
  • – Max Working Weight: Flat part ≤50Kg
  • – Carry Mode: Continuous dedicated belt pass-type
  • – Abrasive Material Recovery Mode: Auger Delivery + Physical Strength Recovery
  • – Surface Cleaning Mode After Blasting: By Compressed Air
  • – Separator: Cyclone Separator(Good performance,large sand spraying)
  • – Dusting Device: Polyester Cloth Bag Dust filtration
  • – Sand Recovery Pipe: Dedicated Sand Recovery Pipes
  • – Dust-Out Pipe: Dedicated Dust-out PVC Rubber Pipe
  • – Sand Blasting Cabin: One manual dust blowing gun, for debugging and maintenance.
  • – Total Power: About 4.3KW


Brake Pads Sand Blasting Machine

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