Brake Pads Electrostatic Powder Coating Line

Brake Pads Electrostatic Powder Coating Line applies Infrared Heating Technology, which is 30-50% energy saving compared to electric heating technology with same electric power, the ordinary electric heating tunnel applies heat conduction to transfer the heat energy to brake pads, however, the infrared heating tunnel applies thermal radiation by special short and medium infrared waves to transfer the energy.

Fast heating speed, the temperature increasing from normal temperature to 200 ℃ only need 4- 5 minutes. While the traditional electric heating tunnel need 40-60 minutes. So this machine is also much time saving.

The heating tunnel is relatively short compared with traditional electric heating tunnel, so it is also space saving. Infrared wave heating technology only heats the surface of products, the heating energy inside of the products will be very low, which will effectively shorten the heating time and save energy, thus to shorten the tunnel length. On the other hand, since the products are only surface heated, it will also shorten the cooling time and power during the cooling tunnel.

 Main Parts:

  • – Powder Coating System Section
  • – Transition Section
  • – Built-in High-Voltage Automatic Electrostatic Powder Coating Device
  • – Pulse-type Return Powder Device and Closed Powder Recycling Control System
  • – Infrared Heating System
  • – Cooling Tunnel and Discharge Area
  • – Electricity Control System

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