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What Is NAO Brake Pads?

Here we’d like to introduce non- asbestos organic type brake pad(NAO) Non-asbestos organic type brake pad material mainly using glass fiber, aromatic poly rayon mo or other fibers (carbon, ceramic, etc.) to as reinforcing material, its performance mainly depends on the kind of fiber and other added mixture.Non-asbestos organic brake material mainly as a substitute […]

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What is Flake Graphite?

Natural flake graphite has a wide usage in many industries, like refractories, batteries, steel making, expanded graphite, brake pads and brake linings, foundry facings and lubricants. There are different types of flake graphite for your choices: like ±195, ±190, ±185, and other types, or even customized. Bull Chemicals has been committed to providing one-stop solution

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