What Is NAO Brake Pads?

Here we’d like to introduce non- asbestos organic type brake pad(NAO)

Non-asbestos organic type brake pad material mainly using glass fiber, aromatic poly rayon mo or other fibers (carbon, ceramic, etc.) to as reinforcing material, its performance mainly depends on the kind of fiber and other added mixture.Non-asbestos organic brake material mainly as a substitute for asbestos and developed, for the brake drum and brake shoe, but they are also beginning to be recent attempt as substitute for the front disc brake pads.In terms of performance, NAO brake pads closer to asbestos brake pads, instead of semimetal brake block.It’s not like semimetal brake lining has good thermal conductivity and good high temperature control.  

What’s the difference of new type of NAO raw material compared with asbestos brake pad?Based on the typical asbestos friction material containing five or seven basic mixture, they include strengthening with asbestos fiber, a variety of adding material and adhesive, such as linseed oil, phenol aldehyde resin, resin.In comparison, the NAO friction material includes about 17 different mixture material, because to remove asbestos can not equal to simply replace an alternative, and need to ensure the braking performance with a large number of mixture, make it flat or over asbestos friction braking effect.  

NAO type brake pad materials has experienced several changes, the NAO materials in many ways have effectively more than the performance of asbestos brake pad, this is mainly in antifriction performance and noise etc.Of course standard should be identified first, because only in this way to test any new friction material formulations.These specifications should be included in the friction performance, fatigue resistance, temperature adaptability, wear resistance, noise, etc.Friction material, the better the friction block friction performance under different temperature and pressure to keep the better, in other words, under the condition of low temperature or high temperature, the performance should be a little change.  

Repeated the brake friction material, the better, the less likely the brake atrophy, which makes the brake pedal feel good.Good materials will also reduce wear and tear, lower noise.Earlier NAO brake pads only has reached the requirement of part, but now have been fully achieved.Now the NAO brake pads than asbestos brake lining obviously prolong service life, at the same time also to extend the service life of the brake drum and brake disc.  

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