Motorcycle Brake Pads Compressed Air Machine

Motorcycle Brake Pads Compressed Air Machine is an equipment that supply the compressed air power for some machines and equipments for brake pads production.

Technical Parameters:

  • – Screw Group:4,5 Tooth Rotor
  • – Compressing Format: Continuous,Single Stepped
  • – Compressed Air Outlet Pressure:P2=0.8MPa
  • – Cooling Mode:Air Cooling
  • – Heating Platen Area: 550mmX450mm
  • – Compressed Air Outlet Temperature:10℃~15℃ Higher Than The Environment Temperature
  • – Lubricating Oil Quantity:About 28L
  • – Motor Speed: N=1472r/min
  • – Rated Power: 37kw
  • – Air Displacement: V=6.0m3/min
  • – Working Weight: About 1050Kg
  • – Air Temperature Upper Limit: 45℃
  • – Air Temperature Lower Limit: 0℃.
  • – Oil Consumption:Less than 3PPM(3mg/m3)
  • – Voice:80dB(A)
  • – Size:1300×1100×1650mm
Brake Pads Compressed Air Machine
Brake Pads Compressed Air Machine

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