Brake Pads Backing Plates Gluing Machine

Brake Pads Backing Plates Gluing Machine adopts glue spraying room, conveyor, touch screen control, pneumatic system. The steel backing plates are put on the customized spray adhesive tablets by workers, automatically sent to spray adhesive by conveyor, automatically put in the spray adhesive and then into the connected oven to dry and cool.

Spray Adhesive System:

  • – Conveyor controls the velocity (0.1-8m/s) by using Motor and transmission frequency converter.
  • – Gun movement adopts dc servo motor, velocity (0.1-80000mm/s), adjustable, stroke (0-700mm), adjustable.
  • – There is a glue collection tablet at the bottom of spray room recycling some used glue (after dilute analysis filter, wasted glue can be used again), which can reduce the loss of glue.
  • – Integral water (split type water room), the width of water room is about 1000 mm.
  • – Spray gun pump adopts digital display, is adjustable. The thickness of the glue can be adjusted from 0.05mm-0.2mm, the thickness tolerance is within 0.05 mm.

Drying system:

  • – Each sector of drying tunnel can open automatically.
  • – Drying tunnel adopts stainless steel mesh conveyor belt,
  • – Frequency conversion motor and gearbox infinitely adjustable-speed,
  • – 3 sectors of temperature control zones, 30 units of infrared heat pipes, heating power is 45 kw,
  • – The highest temperature design 200 degrees Celsius.

Cooling System:

  • – After drying system, products are put into the cooling system and cooled to below 40 degrees Celsius.
  • – Cooling fan adopts two 2.2 KW induced draft fan, using the strong wind, and the wind forces the back plate to be cool, so that it can be packed immediately.
  • – Cooling channel transmission adopts frequency conversion motor and gearbox infinitely adjustable-speed, imported electrical appliances, the cooling conveyor belt is made of stainless steel mesh

Basic Specification:

  • – The whole length of line is 15 meters, total power is 50 kw, the capacity is around 2500-3500 pieces per hour.
  • – Machine feet are made of steel and height can be adjustable,
  • – Three inverters with power from 1.5 KW – 3 KW, three gearboxes, and three motors.
  • – One set Power Distribution Cabinet, 800 x 1700 mm, one set 1.5 KW DC servo motor, and one set Power distribution cabinet with touch screen.
  • – One set No.5 induced draft fan, one set circulating water pumps, 2 sets 2.2 KW cooling machine.
  • – One set spray gun, glue supply pump and watering can.
  • – Two sets in and out unpowered work tables, not including spray adhesive tablets and revolving cars

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