Brake Pads Printing Machine

Brake Pad Printing Machine is used for printing company logo, words on the brake pads.

Technical Parameters:

  • – The printing color: Single Color
  • – Dynamic type: Pneumatic
  • – Ink cup diameter (inside and outside): 90mm
  • – Max: plate size(mm): 100*250*10mm
  • – Max: pin size(mm): 70*130
  • – Printed products are highly(mm): 1-200(300)
  • – Before and after the trip: 175
  • – Printing speed/hr: 2300pcs/hr, based on brake pads
  • – Machine size(mm): 79*42*1350mm
  • – Net weight(kg): 98KG
  • – Air pressure: 5bar
  • – Power: 110/220v/380V 50/60Hz; 20W
Brake Pad Printing Machine
Brake Pad Printing Machine

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