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Mintex®--Braking With Tradition

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People who are familiar with Testar® will never get unfamiliar with TMD-Friction’s anther old brand, Mintex. TMD Friction is proud to present a new face for their iconic Mintex brand, building on the rich heritage of the Mintex name with a global new brand identity, packaging and advertising.

The clever slogan “Braking With Tradition” plays on words to reflect the company’s fundamental commitment to safer braking while on the other hand means to the continuous product development that safely stops the cars throughout the world.

Testar is strong yellow, while Mintex retains its strong red and white colour-ways, which visually reverts to the brand’s iconic advertising influence: a type-face which is far truer to its early 20th century origins. This is definite a philosophy that exists to this day and helps Mintex to stay ahead of the competition.

Anyhow, Mintex never compromises with its quality, Combined with the increasing market need for OE-quality aftermarket friction products, especial brake pads friction materials, TMD Friction continues to improve the specifications of Mintex friction. What’s more, Regulation 90 (ECE R90) is always a must for Mintex.

Times and automotive technology may have changed and evolved through the generations but Mintex’s commitment to safe braking has stood firm since 1908. Today, Montex is proud to share their expertise and products with millions of drivers across the world. From Superminis to SUVs, Mintex is the name behind the brakes keeping families and motorsport champions safe every day.

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