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Ferodo--The First Brake Pad In The World

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In 1867 year, Herbert Frood invented the world's first brake pads, and established the Ferodo brand. Although Ferodo is not well-known in China, it was hailed as the world's first brand of brake pads, and Herbert was titled with“father of the brakes".

Ferodo's brake pads are mainly applied in racing cars or racing motorcycles, and all the friction parts are 100% in-house manufactured. As Ferodo produces and supplies OE, racing and aftermarket products, customers will benefit from the its world class quality standards. Ferodo’s plants also owns the highest quality certificates with OE quality, such as ISO/TS 16949& ISO 14001.

Ferodo brake pads have a total of 26 separate quality control procedures during the manufacture which guarantees a repeatable and consistent product quality. All their pads go through extensive development researches and vehicle testings to ensure controlled and consistent braking safety. For motorcycle brake pads, Ferodo ensures every pad meets OE quality standards in all characteristics and in every condition. For racing pads, Ferodo produces products that only provide race winning performance with much higher quality.

Ferodo already stands for original equipment (OE) manufacturer and a very big motor sport community, who can be trusted to deliver quality products and bring us innovation.


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