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BOSCH-Brake Pads Without Copper For Environmental Protection

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Recently, BOSCH announced that they will provide brake pads without copper materials in their brake system products considering for environmental protection.

Early in 2010, the state of California and Washington have issued a regulation that will reduce the content of copper in brake pads to 5%, and reduce to 0.5% until the year of 2025, in order to protect the water environment because of leakage of copper during the brake pads production. In January,2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other automotive trade associations agreed to make a memo to reduce the usage of copper materials in brake pads.

BOSCH indicates that they have already developed a type of ceramic brake pads without copper materials,and made an endurance test on this kind of brake pads. With renewable materials, it can be much more environmental as before.

The change of brake pads without copper materials is just one of the BOSCH develop plan, and they will release more brake system products without copper materials. BOSCH plan to make all brake system products, such as brake pads,brake shoes,brake linings,clutch facings and so on, to meet the relevant environmental standards before 2025.



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