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Poland AUTO Parts and Accessory Expo 2015 (APAE)

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Poland AUTO Parts and Accessory Expo 2015 (APAE) will be held in Kielce, the second largest city in Poland, even in East Europe Countries. Bull Industry Co., Limited will come and attend, please visit us on the show:
Booth No.: F310
From 2015, Sept. 10 to 12

Context of Car Spear Parts in Central and Eastern Europe:

According to the 2014 Automotive Business Sectors Report drawn by the Polish Association of Automotive Industry. Poland, as one of the biggest market for Central and Eastern Europe's largest cars, automotive parts and components manufacturers, sees its rapid and continuous growth on auto-parts business and industry. The spare-parts and repairs market value is estimated to exceed 31 billion PLN. Regarding to the register of commercial companies, there are 27 thousand automotive firms in Poland, including 900 car-parts manufacturers. This is extremely important when seen within the context of other industries' problems which originate from the international-arena economic slowdown. What is important, the optimistic forecasts go well beyond 2015.

Exhibit Auto Parts:

All kinds of auto spare parts, air conditioning, car audio, security products, electronic equipment, batteries, belts, brake parts, chassis, clutch, cooling system, transmission, metal structures, heavy vehicle parts and accessories, lifting equipment service equipment, test equipment, vehicle maintenance tools and equipment, repair shop equipment, automotive lighting and automotive beauty materials.

Targi Kielce

Why We Choose APAE?

In Poland, 70% of its population live in urban area, with its poor road infrastructures, car becomes Polish residents’ first choice of transportation. On average, about 2 men own a car, each family owns two cars, which is far more than the world average level of car ownership. On the other hand, second hand cars are very popular in Poland, especially for car brand like Volkswagen, Skoda, Fiat, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, as well as Toyota. What’s more, Polish government shows no heavy restriction on car gas emissions. All of these factors make Poland a very large aftermarket of Auto spare parts, as well as a great land for auto parts manufacturers.



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