Shear Tester  BL-600-ST

Shear Tester BL-600-ST



Shear Test Machine measures the force required to shear the friction lining from the backing plate to test its strength. It combines precise test control with ease of operation, generating accurate results, and it is an ideal instrument for research and development or quality control. This machine meets the standards of major brake pad shear tests including ISO631281, JIS D442290 and SAE J84082.

Technical Parameters:

- Application: To measure the force required to shear the friction lining from the backing plate to test its strength

- Object: Brake shoe and brake pads friction linings

- Test Standards: ISO631281, JIS D442290, SAE J84082

- Vertical positive pressure: (max)5.5 KN,

- Pointer: (adjustable)

- Shear Power: (max)100 KN for car brake pads, (max)200 KN for CV brake pads

- Loading Speed: 6,500±500 N/S(Max)

- The specimen size: Brake pads (max)160×80×30 mmbrake drum R160×100 mm

- Power: 1.5 kW for car brake pads, 2.2 kW for CV brake pads

- Size: 1,500×800×1,470 mm

- Weight: 1000 kg

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