Electromagnetic Disc Grinder BL-750-EDG

Electromagnetic Disc Grinder BL-750-EDG



Electromagnetic Disc Grinding Machine is to process the surface grinding of all kinds of brake pads, which doesn't require fixtures to hold brake pads, brake pads are all fixed on the grinder disc by electromagnets. It can do fine grinding, coarse grinding and dust cleaning at the same time.  It also equipped with step-less speed regulation, you can control the grinding speed freely. This grinding machine is easily operated, and can provide stable quality and high-efficient output in mass production.

Technical Parameters:

- Production Capacity: 1400 - 1600 pcs/h

- Diameter of the Grinding Table: 800mm;

- Voltage of Electromagnetic Sucker: 110V (3 phase, 220V, external industrial electricity);

- Angle of Suction Force Area: ≥ 180° (Sectorial)

- Angle of Loading and Discharge Area: ≤ 180° (Sectorial)

- Non-magnetic Area: 150°; Magnetic Area: 210°;

- Magnetic Disc Driving Power: 1.5 KW; frequency control

- Magnetic Disc Standard Rotational Speed: 1/4 - 8 rpm (step-less speed regulated)

- Surface Accuracy: Horizntal Run out ≤0.05mm

- Fine Grinding Head Motor Power: 4KW

- Coarse Grinding Head Motor Power: 4KW

- Grinding Head Motor Rotational Speed: 6000 rpm

- Brush Head Motor Power: 0.55KW

- Brush Head Motor Rotational Speed: 3000 rpm

- Size(mm): L x W x H = 1600 x 1200 x 1500m

- Weight: 2 Tons

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