CV Combined Brake Lining Grinder BL-500-CBG

CV Combined Brake Lining Grinder BL-500-CBG


Brake lining combined grinder applies overlap-type frame, it can realize automatic load in and load out. it can process both sides chamfering and grinding, inner arc grinding, and dust brushing at one stop.

It solves the problems of weak synchronization of old technology grinder. It’s convenient to adjust the grinding motor, and easy to adjust the “R” size accuracy. The newly position and guide structure improve the grinding accuracy on brake linings.

Technical Parameters

1. Grinding Size:

- Width: 80-250mm

- Thickness: 12 -30mm

- Chord Length: 13 5-250mm

CV Combined Brake Lining Grinder BL-500-CBG(图1)

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